We have wide experience in the implementation of projects, construction management and legalization of electrical equipment, high, medium and low voltage. Our team of professionals offers the best guarantee in the development of all types of electric engineering projects.

  • Dimensioning generation facilities, transformers and substations:
    • Short circuit calculations
    • Land network studies
    • Load flow studies
  • Protection study an coordination
  • Design of logical diagrams of control signals, fire alarms and permissive
  • Design and calculations for Motor Control Centers
  • Distribution of infraestructure for medium and low voltage
  • Legalization projects in high, medium and low voltage
  • Study of energy efficiency in lighting installations
  • Technical and facultative directions
  • Consulting and technical advice, energy audits
  • Health and safety studies and coordination

Generation, Substations and Transformer Centers

Power Lines

Lv Installations