Novatec provides services in areas such as writing and conducting all types of projects, pathology studies and works management related to the field of construction, building and civil engineering in general.


For over 15 years we have developed projects for a large number of clients, who have been satisfied with our services and with whom we maintain a loyalty.

R & D

NOVATEC is committed to development in the field of renewable energy, and research and development, for example by participating in projects for the fixing of CO2 through microalgae.

Civil engineering and construction

Novatec has professionals with extensive experience in the field of construction engineering (steel and concrete) and civil works. It provides services in fields such as writing and performing all kinds of projects, study of pathologies and directions of works related to the field of construction, building and civil engineering in general.

Mechanical systems

In the field of Mechanical Engineering we offer our experience for the development of the following works:

  • P & I design, 3D modeling, isometrics and calculations of flexibility in piping systems.
  • Implantation studies (BOP) of equipment and mechanical systems.
  • 3D modeling and detail planes for conveyor belts.
  • Design and calculation of extinguishing systems and passive fire protection.
  • Preparation of marked CE records for industrial machinery.
  • Legalization projects and supporting calculations for:
    • Tanks and pressure vessels.
    • Facilities for petroleum products.
    • Gas facilities.
    • Thermal installations in buildings.
  • Technical and optional directions.
  • Consulting and technical advice.
  • Studies and coordination of safety and health.
Electric systems

We have wide experience in the implementation of projects, Construction Management and Legalization of electrical equipment, High, Medium and Low Voltage. Our team of professionals offers the best guarantee in the development of all types of electrical installation projects. 

  • Dimensioning generation facilities, transformers and substations: 
    • Short circuit calculations.
    • Land Network studies.
    • Load Flow studies.
  • Protection study and coordination.
  • Design of logical diagrams of control signals, fire alarms and permissive.
  • Design and calculations for Motor Control Centers.
  • Distribution of infrastructure for medium and low voltage.
  • Legalization Projects in High, Medium and Low Voltage.
  • Study of energy efficiency in lighting installations.
  • Technical and facultative directions.
  • Consulting and technical advice, energy audits. 
  • Health and safety studies and coordination.
Renewable energy

NOVATEC is committed to the development in the field of renewable energy, designing highly competitive products and conducting efficiency studies and consulting on various types of renewable energy sources (biomass, cogeneration, solar, etc).